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With a stellar cast including John Rhys-Davies and Ewen Leslie, the highly-anticipated “Spider Dance” from writer Peter Sumner, director Lajos Koltai and producer Robert Roworth (Johnny Pictures), with executive production by The Leo Media & Entertainment Group, Spider Dance is set to be among the most important films of 2010.

The synopsis follows...

Headlined by the international newspapers as the most notorious woman in the world, Lola Montez arrives in Sydney from the California goldfields with her young American lover Frank Follin and entourage of actors. "Careful you ape! Those are my shrunken heads!"

Polite society in Sydney in outraged by her public performances of the erotic 'Spider Dance', and in private her rapidly escalating breakdown due to the long term effect of disease and its treatment, and abuse of alcohol and opium, is having a damaging effect on her relationship with Frank.

Lola takes into her employment a pretty currency lace Kate, and her young son. But as Lola has been withholding her favours from Frank, for fear of her illness, Kate soon becomes for both Lola and Frank, a focus of love in a desolate emotional landscape.

In her paranoia over money Lola dismisses the small American company and hires local actors, but the problem soon resurfaces and a combination of legal action and bad press explode in her face and they abruptly escape Sydney. The Governor is highly displeased and resolves to use his powers to rid society of this woman. 'It is a fact that her relationship with King Ludwig brought Bavaria to the brink of civil war".

Melbourne finds even more to condemn in Lola’s performances and behaviour and she seeks solace in Kate’s company, as Frank slips deeper into drink and bitterness. The company is finally driven out to the Victorian goldfields where Lola is promptly adopted by the liberal miners still alienated by the bloodbath at Eureka. But as her popularity rockets her madness deepens and she collapses into further shocking opium induced hallucinations, taking out her wrath by horse whipping the editor of the Ballarat Star. "'Give me your pants and take my petticoats! You’re not fit to be called men!”

In a desperate attempt to find a cure for her illness Lola allows a keen young doctor to introduce her to a local Aboriginal E1der where he gives her special 'bush' medicine and she witnesses the frightening 'Skeleton Dance.'

However when the underground forces of the powerful conservatives increase the pressure to drive Lola from the country, Frank turns traitor, triggering the final brutal confrontation between the three main characters, Lola’s last wild dance, and the bitter sweet resolution.

This is  a  true  story.