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The Leo Media & Entertainment Group is a unique set-up founded by a London—based lawyer to provide efficient, confidential and lucrative film, TV and literary consultancy, legal work (in association with Fuglers Solicitors), executive production, and advice to a wide range of clients throughout the world, using our network of long-established contacts in the movie, publishing and television industries. We work internationally and welcome submissions from all around the world. We can take on a project in its entirety, or equally one or more specific aspects, as required, and are happy to work in co-operation with other entities. No reading fees are charged.

In addition to our feature film and television packaging work, we also act as literary agents and are able to represent your manuscripts for publication throughout the world.

When submitting a project to us for review, please e-mail us to in the first instance, with the subject line “ATTN SUBMISSIONS”: including the following information and documentation:

A. A detailed synopsis, together with (in the case of a book project) the first three chapters of the relevant manuscript in one Word document;
B. A full CV/resume, including personal and professional background;
C. Any attachments to the project in place (for example actors, directors or finance);
D. Information about any producers or literary agencies who have reviewed, or are currently reviewing, the project in question, together with any feedback that might have been received to date.

Please call us on +44 (0)20 7183 3177 for more information, write in to our offices or e-mail
We provide extensive screenplay and manuscript consultancy and analysis.
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