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Yair Packer is the author of the charming children’s picture books "The Lonely Tree", "A Kiss on the Nose" and "The Yellow In-Between", which won the 5th place award in the "America’s Best Children’s Picture Book 1995" contest held by The Writer’s Foundation USA.

Yair has worked as a representative for foreign TV companies such as ITC England (The Saint, The Muppet Show etc.) Being in the market for TV series exposed Yair Packer to the fast growing potential of the licensing & merchandising world of animated TV characters, and in 1972 he was nominated by The Walt Disney Company as an exclusive Marketing Manager. Yair Packer held this position for 25 years. Yair Packer has represented - with great success - the licensing rights of well-known characters such as The Smurfs, Transformers, G.I. Joe, The Simpsons, The Filnstones and Dennis the Menace. Packer Intl Communication Ltd is about to finalize a deal whereby it will handle the licensing of a new developed TV series aimed at children.

Yair Packer writes children's stories as well as screenplays for adult audience. Ten of his children’s books are on the market. His full length screenplays as well as short scripts are intended for the worldwide market. One of his short scripts, "Blind Decision", was recently produced in LA.

Some of Yair's film scripts are available to view or purchase online at Lazy Bee Scripts (


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