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The Villa Tung

The Villa Tung is the latest remarkable book by Anthony L. Williams, a chronicler of events, a world traveler publisher of his own magazine. He has written and published several works including sci-fi novels such as The Derelict! and the When Seas Die Trilogy as well as urban thrillers such as Deep Heet: The Ultimate High.

"You have been given a legacy, Mr Tanaka. The Villa Tung. The Villa Tung in central China. Here you will find Asian history and Oriental intrigue so stark and so unflinching, it will strangle you. Go there. Stay for one year. If you have the courage."

And with this cryptic inducement, UCLA professor and fourth-generation Japanese-American Mitsu "Mike" Tanaka and his brother Ryoji "Rudy" Tanaka embark upon the most fantastic and dangerous epic of their entire lives. The unwitting Tanaka brothers, their associates, and young members of UCLA’s Club Asia go to China on this dastardly quest to find murder and horror before they reach their final destiny: The abandoned walled township of The Villa Tung.

The year is 2009. But the angry vestiges of The Villa Tung do not rest so easily. Many terrible things happened in Villa Tung villainous history, which the Tanaka brothers must face, and try and somehow resolve. Even if during this wrenching process it drives them both to the point of suicide and outright murder. In the rain-drenched, deserted lanes of The Villa Tung many things stir the sanity of these 16 Americans. The least of which is logical discernment. The Americans find a disturbing Pandora’s Box of restive China history, intrigue, time travel and tangible antiquity, abandoned in place. A forbidden cultural enigma where all clocks stop in the late summer of 1945. And the Second World War never really does end. Here they must face and endure the inscrutable likes of "Dragon Lady" Qui-Li Chang-the tall, insane dowager of The Villa Tung. The scarred, scowling apostolate who is humanly suspect, present-day irreconcilable and dangerously infamous. Who at the spry age of 44 actually lived before and during the horror which was the Second World War. Quiet, angry and dispossessed, Madam Chang carries with her a century of inhuman hardship, burdensome old-family ties, Taoist dogma and incredible Shaolin powers, soon to be exposed. She is the lonely lady overseer of The Villa Tung, filled in her own mind-boggling China secrets. With a hair-trigger vindictiveness to hurl appalling Eastern demons upon her enemies at will. Is she dead? Is she alive? Or a diabolical mixing of both.

Face if you will the mortifying majesty of The Villa Tung; where old hatreds die hard. Where the Japanese Imperial Army ruled supreme for over 50 years. A broiling caldron of ghastly history, which turns Asian against Asian; in a violent, forsaken setting, languishing in the shadow of China’s storied Great Wall.

The Villa Tung - where madness and infamy transform this remote China township into a biological killing factory during the dark days of World War II.

The Villa Tung - where The Rape of Nanking and the House of Frankenstein meet and mingle at an unbelievable and lamentable nexus; in an exotic land.

The Villa Tung - where monsters and time travel are facts of life.

The Villa Tung - where on New Moon nights zombie-like, flesh-eating Harridans roam and terrorize.

The Villa Tung - where inviolate rusting freight cars loaded in gold and ancient treasure looted from all over Asia, sit and wither. And uncut diamonds the size of eyeballs lie underfoot like cast aside confetti.

The Villa Tung - abandoned, unmapped and punishable by death if spoken of, in present-day China.

The Villa Tung –a hated, howling graveyard where war, history, upheaval and human tragedy thrust themselves upon the contemporary stage in powerful choking tendrils of "Bitter Path" protecting incense, and mind-muddling opium smoke.

The Villa Tung - where the opening of the wrong door can mean the release of bemusing secrets, none of them good.

The Villa Tung - where fire-breathing moat dragons lightly slumber. Where clay-hewn, evil warlord General Yin and his legion of terra-cotta soldiers guard the treasures with unstoppable, murdering impetus.

The Villa Tung - go there. Stay for one year…"If you have the courage."

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