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The Pickwick Papers

The Leo Media & Entertainment Group is proud to be producing Jill D’Angelo Powers’ major feature film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ first great novel (and his favourite), "The Pickwick Papers," perhaps the best showcase of both his great sense of humor and extraordinary writing skill.

Dickens serves as narrator in this “Pickwick” adaptation which tells not only the story of his first great effusion of imagination but of the beginning of his remarkable career.

Retired businessman Samuel Pickwick and three fellow members of the 1830s London Pickwick Club set out to find pastoral enlightenment traveling the brilliant English countryside.

Their rollicking bliss is interrupted through encounters with women, both lovely and lonely--widow-aversion runs throughout--and conmen, garden variety and professional alike. When Mr. Pickwick finds himself convicted on a trumped-up charge of breach-of-promise of marriage, he agrees to be incarcerated in horrid Fleet prison rather than pay damages to a pair of scheming lawyers. He is helped through his mounting troubles by manservant Sam Weller, sexy, street smart, hero younger, who finds hot romance of his own.


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