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The Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee was born in 1974 and is British-born Chinese. Having grown up in a takeaway in the north of England, Brenda moved to London after studying at University.

She has worked in television for over ten years and is currently a Camera Operator for a shopping channel.
Brenda believes, for her, it is very important to write about what you know. Hence the majority of her scripts are largely autobiographical.

“Fortune Cookies” – a feature length script tells the story of a Chinese family who run a takeaway and are obsessed with the popular television gameshow “Family Fortunes”. This script was previously optioned with Forest Whitaker’s production company in L.A.

“Happy Shopping” is a film about life in the weird and wonderful of shopping television.

“Stalked” is a comedy about a geeky Chinese girl who is obsessed with her favourite popstar.

Brenda is also co-writing a sitcom “Half Eaten Peaches” which tells the story of a rather unconventional flatshare.

Brenda is very keen to pursue a career as a Writer/Director. She directed ‘Mah Jong’, a short film about Chinese one upmanship with some high acclaimed Chinese actors. She plans to self fund and shoot “Fortune Cookies” next year



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