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THE LEGEND OF OTHERLAND is an astonishing major book and film action-fantasy project about the adventures of thirteen year-old Bunker Charles and his friend twelve year-old friend, Gittel Carmichael who live on a small planet near planet earth called Otherland.

THE LEGEND OF OTHERLAND stories are based on original concepts written for 8 years and up but are designed to be read and enjoyed by people of all ages, and are set to achieve worldwide success and recognition.

The first book in the trilogy is "Evil Does Exist", which sets out how Bunker wants to break from his strict heritage and have some fun. While watching his computer screen in his room high above in the castle, he sees the very pretty Gittel being kidnapped by the Evil Pencinell. He tells his father who explains the sad story of how Eva partook of the forbidden potion to become the Evil Pencinell, and how she comes to the good side of Otherland on rare occasions to steal children. Bunker defies his father’s wishes and along with Dillon, his favorite canfer, goes after the girl. Through hair-raising adventures to get back to the good side of Otherland, Bunker and Gittel barely escape the evil witch and her dreaded refnacs, and finally make their way home. They are both happy to be alive and look forward to more exciting adventures on the enchanted planet of Otherland.

The adventures continue in "Adventure Underground" and "Adventure in Space", with each part developing the thrilling storyline further.

The author Chuck Kelly is a hugely experienced author and journalist, whose stories have been published in National Enquirer, The LA Times, The New York Times and Variety. In addition to the Legend of Otherland books, he has also written and published Silent Obsession, a mystery novel about a private detective in Washington, DC who also moonlights for the CIA, and Sammy, a Western novel about a black man who wants to become a cowboy but through circumstances becomes a gunfighter.

Chuck Kelly is also a very talented musician and singer (he played trombone with Dizzy Gillespie, etc., sang with the Modernaires, and other groups). He is listed in 5,000 Personalities of the World, Rene Laanen's Trombone Page of the World, Who's Who in Entertainment, Who's Who is America, and Who's Who in the World

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