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Nik Goldman & Pale Face Pictures

Pale Face Pictures is a significant British-based production company founded several years ago by Producer Nik Goldman, making full length feature films for a worldwide audience

Pale Face Pictures covers all kinds of genres, from Drama to Comedy, from Thriller to Horror. They are open to any kind of films. We are open to any kind of films, providing the narrative is original and thought provocative and welcome all new material from writers and directors. The brief at Pale Face is to combine established talent with new writers and directors.

Pale Face Pictures is currently in development with a slate of high-quality feature films, ranging from small to very high production costs.

Films in Development/Production include "SSD: Senseless Acts Of Kindness" a political black comedy, written and to be directed by the award-winning Leander Basannavar.

Soon to receive worldwide distribution is Nik Goldman's critically acclaimed short film, "Briefing", directed by Leander Basannavar. "Briefing" deals with a situation where, since the war on a rogue state is going so well, United States Secretary of Defense D. Crockett Bunker, in an understandably bullish mood, openly briefs reporters in the Pentagon press room. Throughout the session, Secretary Bunker is articulate and concise, even when some of the more radical elements in the press ask obstinate questions. Although sticking firmly to his principles, Secretary Bunker remains diplomatic and courteous throughout. But supposing he had come out saying what he really meant? Rewind....... Start again. The same press conference, but this time Bunker gives it the way America wants to hear it!

Among other completed short films by Mr Goldman are "Keepsake", a 5-minute drama, dealing with the subject of wife beating and featured at the Leeds International Film Festival of 2000 and the Cannes Film Festival of 2001, and winner of the 2001 New York Film Festival Best Drama award, and "Brushstroke" a 12 min Black comedy shot on and winner of the Kodak/BAFTA Awards of December 2001.

For more information about Nik Goldman and Pale Face Pictures please see the website at, or for co-production or distribution queries for Pale Face please feel free to contact The Leo Media & Entertainment Group.

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