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Jay Milner and Karyn Milner are very talented, prolific optioned screenwriters.

Karyn has a Baccalaureate Degree from East Tennessee State University in Mass Communications and Political Science, and has pent several years both domestically and internationally working in advertising and marketing.

Jay, meanwhile, has a Baccalaureate Degree from East Tennessee State University in Mass Communications and English. He has a certificate in Film Production and Screenwriting from the Hollywood Film Institute and a certificate in Screenwriting from Writer’s Bootcamp.

Their screenplays include:

SAFE HAVEN: A character-driven comic thriller in the classic tradition of North by Northwest and Charade:

David Grant is a likeable, vulnerable young American accountant based in Berlin. He normally avoids commitment and conflict in his every day life. Through a friend he is hired to audit a small local charity that helps refugee children from strife-torn former Iron Curtain countries. Suddenly he finds himself caught in a bizarre conspiracy -- beaten and threatened and totally out of his depth. He is completely bewildered by what is going on and wants nothing more than to return to the normalcy of his everyday life -- but powerful and evil forces are committed to eliminating Grant in order to keep their sinister and lucrative scheme from derailing. Accused of a murder he did not commit, Grant, spurred by panic, runs to escape the police and the bad guys, turning to his feisty German secretary, Katja, for help. Together they set out to prove Grant’s innocence and find out exactly what is going on. They follow a serpentine trail of clues that leads them from Berlin to the Black Forest to Hamburg. With each step they find themselves moving deeper and deeper into a threatening and chilling mystery. With time running out a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues in which their ability to tell friend from foe becomes a matter of life and death. Now Grant must acquire strengths of self-sufficiency he never knew he was capable of. He plunges through a tangled web of danger, devious twists and turns, harrowing chases and narrow escapes until he reaches the final confrontation, where he must defeat the villain and save the woman he loves!

DEAD END: an action thriller with a strong, resourceful protagonist, a vile and vicious array of antagonists and a series of disturbing surprises that build to a tense and explosive climax. It is also a story of love, trust, betrayal and courage:

Yesterday morning ex-Government agent Jake Stone woke in the arms of his beautiful fiancée -- they packed their bags and left the small country inn where they had spent the weekend -- headed for the big city. Only they never made it. Involved in a terrible car accident on a remote country road, Jake Stone awoke this morning in a small rural clinic. Only he could find no trace of his fiancée! According to the hospital staff she was not brought to the hospital with him. According to the police there was no trace of her at the accident site -- she does not exist.

What has happened to her? Where is she?

These are questions Jake Stone must answer -- and answer fast. But it is only when he finds the answers that his real nightmare journey begins! Now, with no one to turn to, Jake Stone must battle his worst fears and begin a desperate search for the truth -- a bone-chilling, torturous search that becomes a terrifying journey into a frightening, dark world full of death, duplicity and betrayal -- into his own past, forcing him to confront the demons that haunt him. But with each new lead the search becomes more complicated and the stakes grow higher, as Jake soon discovers he is up against much more than he ever expected and no one is quite what they appear to be. Not even the woman he loves! With the web of betrayal closing around him, the ex-Government agent must rely on his finely honed skills from the past -- surveillance, reconnaissance and attack -- to save the woman he loves -- and to survive!


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