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By Giles Ecott & Roger Cayless


Three men on a mission. Get in their way and they will inconvenience you. Faced with the anti-social behaviour that blights suburbia and surfaces repeatedly in the news, three middleclass, middle management, middle-of-the-road men take action.

For every anti-social crime they see, they extract a revenge that matches the original crime. Graffiti their train station, they will graffiti your house. Non-violent and non-confrontational, their night-time adventures seem harmless – justice for the people by the people.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, because each man is lying about something. One is a coward desperate to belong. One is entirely selfish and immoral and just wants to get his own way. The third won’t admit to the horror of his home life.

When their three conflicting motivations come to the fore, will they turn on each other or stand united? Is anyone who they really seem? As their campaign of revenge escalates and becomes personal, each man seems to go on a journey. One brings to life pop culture’s ability to applaud stupidity, one proves that immorality can be charming, and one surprises us all with his ability to deceive.

In the end, the audience must decide who is the real hero and if there is in fact a villain.


Giles & Roger have worked together for the last seven years as a Creative Team in a large multi-national advertising agency where, until recently, they were the Creative Directors.

During this time they handled multiple accounts, winning numerous awards for the agency. Projects covered everything from traditional campaigns through to multimedia and film.

They have also collaborated on a number of extra-curricular projects including a children’s television series, a film script and a website featuring bad caricatures from their daily commute (

Prior to his career in advertising, Giles worked first in the art department of a variety of film production companies before becoming a scriptwriter. This was in South Africa, where the two series that he co-wrote won several awards. Roger has a long history in a variety of advertising agencies where he has worked in both pure design and art direction. Together they have become a single creative entity, so much so that they write their career histories in the third person.



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