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New World Order

by Michael Rouveure © 2007


The year is 2107.

Countries facing an economic crisis around the globe have united to create one great nation, the United States of Earth. Their main objective is to end religious conflicts resulting in a prosperous future for mankind. This international government is lead by a few corrupt politicians that have more in mind than just peace.

In order to establish worldwide order, they believe religious persecution is necessary. Religious symbols and acts are prohibited and severely punished, leading to execution. Mosques, churches, synagogues and any other sacred structures are destroyed to help people, forget their beliefs. Amid the city of Jerusalem, David, an eighteen-year-old Jew tragically witnesses the murder of his family by U.S.E marines. Lost in this terrible world, he follows his uncle Joseph into rebel territory to help free religion from its oppressors.

The United States of Earth doesn’t hesitate to use its incredible arsenal that ranges from nano-technology to space weapons and genetically modified beasts against the few rebels still alive. Will the many different religions put aside their differences and fight together for one great cause? Or will the United States of Earth wipe out religion and reign supreme?



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