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A writer and Professor of Medicine, and author of many books both inside and outside the medical domain, Dr. Sperber's latest works include THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, a volume on the history of medicine based on which a television documentary is being prepared and PYTHAGORAS: THE GATES OF LIGHT, an epic review of the amazing life story of one of the greatest philosophers and scientists, based on which a Hollywood feature film is currently in development.

Through her company Mia Productions (, the television programs SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY, UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF MYSTICAL POWERS (both discussing the links between scientific thought our spiritual and psychic beliefs and powers) and FOODS THAT MADE THE WORLD (a review of the history and global traditions associated with cooking, together with recipes presented by famous chefs) are in preparation, along with AN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE, a feature film based on Dr. Sperber's book about the life and loves of the famous poet and author Dante Alighieri and LOVE AND VIRTUE, a film being jointly prepared based on an original script by Dr. Sperber and Stefano Pratesi concerning the adventures of Charlemagne and the Knight Orlando.

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