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Matushka by Christina Croft

Imperial Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna has never had a boring life. Grand-daughter to Queen Victoria, wife to Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich of Russia and a Lutheran in the Orthodox royal family, she has many roles to fill. Matushka follows Ella over five decades, from her troubled marriage to the Tsar's brother, the intrigues of Russia's elite and her attempts to bring comfort to ordinary Russians, played out against a backdrop of civil unrest and political disasters. After seeing her husband assassinated and being disowned by her sister in favour of the charlatan Rasputin, she found new solace in helping the Muscovite poor where she could.

Matushka by Christina Croft is the exquisitely personal story of Ella's journey from Grand Duchess to Saint. Based on historical events, it demystifies one of Russian history's greatest heroines in an effortless and poignant manner.

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