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Matt Lewis - Screenwriter


Matt has been writing screenplays for a number of years. He’s currently taking an MA in screenwriting at the London College of Communication. Together with Leo Media he has been working on a number of projects.

Richard Robbins

A sci-fi adventure film for all of the family. After a divorce from his wife, Richard Robbins’ world is thrown into disarray. He misses his old life and he misses his two kids. Unbeknownst to Richard, an alien civilisation has chosen him to be their saviour in a war against an emerging evil race that is threatening the universe. One night, with his kids, he finds a number of mysterious black pebbles that have fallen from the sky. The pebbles are calling cards for Richard from the other side of the galaxy.

Before long, these pebbles have transported Richard, his wife and his two kids to an alien planet. Here, the family must survive and regroup after being separated. Richard has to discover his true importance, not only in the continuing alien war but also to his own family. Along the way we meet various weird creatures, some scary and some friendly, like the Nooms (pictured below).


The Followers

Victor is just a normal guy. He has a normal job and fancies a normal gal who pays him little attention. It's all very mundane and then the Zeacrols invade Earth. It turns out that Victor isn't so normal after all. He is, in fact, a Zeacrol Commander. He was lost in a war years ago in his original form, as a glowing energy orb. The orb found its own way to Earth, with no knowledge of its origins. Victor is the Zeacrol's ultimate weapon of destruction and they want him back. He has to team up with underground resistance forces and defend Earth from his own bloodline. Victor must make his stand as Earth's new commander. Its new protector.

Damn Near Evil

Damn Near Evil is Matt's latest project with Leo Media. It's a low budget UK crime drama. The story is set in the deepest of hot summer heat waves. Our surroundings consist of council estate tower blocks, neighbouring houses and the type of gritty pubs where most people wouldn't want to stay too long. Jason is a twelve year old boy who lives with his loser mum and dad. His father is in trouble, trapped in a rot by scum who owe him money and won't let him break free. One day, instead of going to school, Jason takes his dad's gun and takes matters into his own hands, targeting the people that have kept his dad down for so long. Soon, the police pick up on his trail and the race is on to find Jason before he crosses the line of no return and does too much damage.




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