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Kingdom of the Sun

Part I - The Book of Mirrors

Featuring Music Specially Written by the Author for the Project

On the edge of the Black Forest lies the enchanted realm, once known to all across the land as the Kingdom of Romancia. An ever-inquisitive historian named Miles makes the long journey to this mysterious land in hopes of authenticating the legend of a great king. According to the caretaker of an old church who is said to be an authority on the subject, the story of this king is not merely a legend, but a part of history that changed the world forever.

It was many years ago, when the chivalrous nature of noble men would live and die for love and honor that a magical king was born. His mother the Queen raised the boy not as royalty, but as a commoner in the nearby village of Loiraine. She was determined that he would grow to appreciate the simple ways of life and the people he would ultimately lead through their darkest days. For this boy was far from common and blessed with a great gift of magic that throughout his unusual childhood would clearly mark his path to greatness. Once the young boy learned the truth about his destiny to become the most powerful king in all of Europe, he was sent to learn the secrets of magic from the great wizard Nelrem. But ever since he left his home, he had a recurring dream that led him into the arms of a beautiful woman. A dream that someday he could only hope would come true.

Our story truly begins when the king, who is now a man in the prime of his life, finally sees the day when a beautiful princess enters his kingdom, just as foretold in an ancient prophecy. The woman he once thought was just an illusion of his mind, revealed to him that she too was on a magical path of destiny. Their long journey would bring them together and prove that dreams really can come true, but just as in life itself, there will be times of trouble that will test the strength of their bond. For just as the king and his princess begin to feel the intensity of their mighty union of magic, another powerful force rises up with an evil hand and threatens to destroy all who stand in his path.

Emilio, the son of the wealthy Count Violini of Bellanzante, was considered to be the most prodigious offspring of the noble family that reigned supreme in the southern region of Swissierra. He was a very intelligent man and heir to his father’s title, as well as his great fortune. But Emilio detested his father’s class and did not share in his ideals, nor did he wish to merely survive by following in his footsteps. He was determined to show his own personal worth, by achieving social eminence without relying upon the history of his name to open the doors of his future.

He left home one day to find his own path and traveled to the northern region of the country, where he settled in the thriving town of Basiliador. There, he tried for months to succeed in various businesses, but each attempt became more futile that the last and he continued to get discouraged. Having made friends with others who shared the same struggle, the men committed a pact between them and formed a brotherhood of solidarity. For they truly believed there would be strength in numbers, but when their fortunes continued to grow dim, they were approached by the devil in the guise of a strange man who ensured that success would be theirs as long as they remained faithful to do his bidding. Their Faustian pact was complete and soon all their endeavors began to thrive, but success did not taste so sweet to the over-ambitious Emilio. He realized that he was in no better a position now than when he lived with his father, for he still owed his success to someone else and this time also his very soul.

He became evermore determined to extricate himself from the hasty deal and devised a plan whereupon he would kill the devil himself and eliminate his debt. During a ceremonial chant he drives a knife into the devil’s heart to kill him, but as he removes the blade, the black essence of pure evil pours from the devil’s wound like thick billowing smoke and when he unexpectedly breathes it in, the transformation is complete. For though he still looks like the charming Emilio, he now proclaims himself to be Dante Diablo, ruler of the underworld. He now is consumed with the thought of world domination and obtains the services of the evil sorcerer Krell to help his cause, for he knows it will also take great magic to defeat the king of Romancia and realizes that he is all that stands between him and his desire to reign hell upon earth.

The great wizard Nelrem, warns the king and princess of this evil ascension and the method upon which he believes Dante will spread his evil across the land, for certainly this will be the greatest struggle the world has ever known. However, the king is not alone in his fight against this growing evil. He often receives the wisdom of a gypsy Seer, whose loyalty to the king is unquestioned. She magically provides clues to help the king’s cause and guide him along the perilous path that now stands before him. He also has the undying support of his childhood friend Sebastian as his first knight, to help protect the realm and most importantly his beloved princess.

Theirs is a story of great love, of friendship, of fellowship and of honor. Together they must face their fears and be resolute in their belief that true love is more powerful than any force of evil. As they enter the place where evil dwells, they feel the heat of Dante’s fire like they’ve never known before. The future of their love, their kingdom, their people and perhaps the world now hangs in the balance. This will be the ultimate battle of good versus evil and the hope that together they can rise above the darkness to once again see the glory of this Kingdom of the Sun.



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