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Marion Pflamm (
and Daniel Djurin are the top European creators and screenwriters of powerful
major feature films which are rapidly making a name for themselves. Below please
find synopses of a few of their key projects:

Land of Legends

Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller

A vampire, a werewolf, a living dead and a mummy - sounds scary?
Way wrong, in this story they are the heroes. They save an orphan boy, living in the streets, reunite him with the last remnant of family he possibly has and reveal one of the biggest secrets in the history of mass murders: the real identity of Jack the Ripper!

Follow the four friends on a fantastic and thrilling trip, when each of them
learns to cope with their given identities; and learn about a complete new way
of hearing the story of Britain’s most feared killer - the Ripper.

Dark Siberia

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Three American gunrunners are trapped in a Russian gulag,
the time is 1943 - The dark shadows of World War II are spreading over the country.
It's the beginning of a venturesome action adventure, as an army of monsterous vampires kills everybody in the gulag except our heroes (Alan, Michael and Peter) and their nemesis, a cruel and brutal Russian ward. The gunrunners find shelter in a secluded village, which is overseen by an enigmatic russian preacher.

What they don't know is, that their destinys are going to be interwoven. This preacher was formerly a willing KGB officer.

They are forced to face murderous, outraging vampires and a revenge seeking gulag ward, who leads a bunch of soldiers. Sergej, the preacher, and his new friends must find a way to protect the small rural community from dangers to come.

Attached talents: actor Olivier Gruner; director David W. Kann

The Backyard Kings

Genre: Action/Comedy

Two hostile gangs, fighting for their territory; a charismatic ex-killer on the run, who slides into their feud; an elite commando, trying to bring him back dead or alive! That’s only just the start of an action packed and funny odyssey.

Attached talents: actors Ralf Möller, Mathis Landwehr, Matthias Hues, Olivier
Gruner; director Steve Wang ('Drive').


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