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Marino Colmano

Marino Colmano ( is a leading and highly experienced photographer, cinematographer and film director. He graduated in 1972 San Francisco Art Institute and established a successful still photography studio focusing on editorial and advertising assignments, and his photography has been exhibited around the world.

Working through his company Lucid Media, Marino's film works include STRAIGHT TIME, an award-winning documentary about a Dustin Hoffman feature and THE RATING GAME, an award-winning documentary about the structure of the television industry. His musical drama END OF THE RAINBOW won six first-place International Film Festival Awards. Marino has received Telly Awards and BPME Certificates of Merit for his advertisement campaigns, which include major film studio trailers for Carlito's Way, Scent of a Woman, Dances with Wolves and Backdraft. RESERVOIRS OF STRENGTH celebrating the strength of the human spirit, has been broadcast internationally and has garnered ten awards including a Gold Apple, a Gold Cindy and a Silver Award from the Houston International Film Festival and Finalist in The Media Access Awards. Other noteworthy credits include director of photography on THE FANTASY WORLDS OF IRWIN ALLEN for the SCI-FI Channel, COLD FUSION about a revolutionary energy source, and the Aegis Award-winning DANGER ZONE, a self-awareness video course for women.

As well as his photography exhibitions and books in preparation, Marino has a number of his own feature films in development including TAXI DANCIN' and RUN FROM YOUR SHADOW, the latter co-written with Emmy-award winning director Peter Baldwin.

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