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Julian Williams

The Leo Media & Entertainment Group is proud to represent Julian Williams, the famous psychic and media personality, known for offering intensive spiritual work, particularly on the deepest level of weight loss, through emotional clearing, visualisations and subconscious re-patterning.

Julian also offers spiritual guidance and healing and is currently working on a number of books and television programmes, some in collaboration with Dr Mia Frank, setting out some of his extraordinary insights and mental and physical health and weight loss schemes.

Through The Weigh Forward, Julian advises people to lose weight and improve their self-esteem by:

  • Recognising and clearing the negative traumas that set up our pattern of weight gain.
  • Retraining our belief patterns and thought processes around food/body image and shape.
  • Taking responsibility for our individual pathway to weight gain and hence our permission for weight loss.
  • Understanding of the depths of how our language/emotions/illness/relationships and work affect our cellular patterning for weight gain.

Julian also promotes Ener-Chi Quests as a magical way to incorporate the essence of emotional block clearance into a soul growth adventure. Programmes are tailored to individual needs within a small group setting. Encompassing hiking spectacular trails, meditation in the silence of the mountains, morning Qi-Gong sessions and emotional clearing and visualizations, Ener-Chi combines relaxes the mind and releases your future.

In the United Kingdom, Julian can be seen every day on PSYCHIC INTERACTIVE on Sky Channel 172 from 12.30 to 4 pm.

For more information and to contact Julian, see his website at

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