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John Hardman - Behind the Ashes

It is 2035. The most anticipated Ashes cricket series between England and Australia for many years is to begin in ten days time. The Australian team arrives in London and is immediately the victim of a seemingly random bomb blast.
The new England captain, Kim Fairbanks, who has almost single handedly dragged England from the depths of despair back to the top of world rankings, and the Australian captain, Andrew Harcourt meet for the first time and their relationship fuels a media frenzy.
Fairbanks’ popularity is such that the crowds flock to every game, and Harcourt’s determination following the bombing keeps the series alive.
The policeman investigating the attack on the visiting team and a former French Secret Services officer, now a member of a covert international organisation that specialises in such cases, discovers the man behind it is a notorious Pakistani bookmaker…

John Hardman lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife Sue and their two children, Amy and Andrew.
His background is varied, a Vietnam veteran who has held several retail management positions until a forced retirement in 2001.
This is John’s first published work. He currently has another manuscript - a children’s story – completed, and is hoping to have it published in the near future.


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