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Jenna Mackintosh - Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants tells the tale of Billy Little, a small boy from a small town, in a small county in the middle of England, who is anything but ordinary, and can do extraordinary things with his brain.

Bored with small town life, and teased and picked on for being so smart and so small, Billy follows in his inventor father’s footsteps and invents himself a pair of ‘Smarty Pants’. Billy creates an extraordinary pair of giant ‘magic’ pants that can fly, can change shape and size, and do the most incredible things. Billy is still teased for his ridiculously huge pants, but he doesn’t care. They take him on adventure after adventure, as he discovers just how powerful being smart can really be.

Little did Billy know that his invention would save lives, and change history. Something amazing is about to happen... when he least expects it.

This is because of a remarkable family secret. In the Little family, in generations of the male line-there has always been a gift- one skill, one heightened sense, one seemingly freakish, overdeveloped talent that each generation has, and discovers about themselves. For Billy, his gift is his intellect, his sharp and ingenious mind that leads to the creation- even though he doesn’t realise it- of the incredible ‘Smarty Pants’.

Smarty Pants focuses on a creative and positive message for young children today, about the importance of being different, and the importance of friendship. In today’s market there is often no focus on stimulating a child’s imagination or creativity in a safe, encouraging environment. Smarty Pants is an original, funny, and heart-warming story which sets out to achieve this.

The aim of Smarty Pants is  get children interested in reading and writing again with wild imagination. A story such as this demonstrates that anything is possible. Jenna Mackintosh is a passionate and dedicated children’s writer. She is currently working as a freelance children’s writer. Smarty Pants is her first major piece of work to gain public recognition, although she has previously written many unpublished pieces before turning to writing professionally.

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