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James grew up in Cresskill, New Jersey; a small town near New York City.  While attending Northeastern University (2000) and the University of Delaware (2001-2003), he self-taught and worked on feature-length comedies in between and after classes.  Aspired to write and intrigued by the production aspect, he enrolled in the One-Year Film Directing program at New York Film Academy.  During his first semester, he studied at Universal Studios where he shot numerous projects on various acclaimed lots.  During his final semester in New York City he wrote, directed, and produced his thesis film entitled SUMMER SESSION.

Right out of school, James collaborated with former executives of prominent record labels and their new bands.  He directed, produced, and edited EPK videos for 2 bands: “Monty Are I” (Island Records) and “Paranoid Social Club” (On Entertainment).

Determined to be an all-around filmmaker, James left the set of HD Net Film’s “The Architect” in 2005 to assist Executive Producer Jody Stahl at Trading Pictures.  He conducted schedules, budgets, and business proposals for several projects in development.  In 2006, James continued to provide budgeting services for independent film-makers in New York City.  He also produced short films and commercial spec spots.

Also in 2006, James accepted the opportunity to work at Sony Pictures Classics to experience the distribution aspect of film.  He provided administrative support for the advertisement and publicity department during the Oscar Winning “Capote” campaign.

In 2007 James returned to production and produced a local/national commercial spot for GoodAccountants.Com.  Shortly after, he shifted his focus onto feature length film production.  He produced three feature films in 2007: “Cain’s Mark” (Producer), “The Local” (Associate Producer), and “Vaikoont” (Producer).

While developing his directing and producing career, James continued to write feature length scripts.  In May of 2007, his script entitled CLASSICS began development.

In 2008, James’ short film comedy entitled GLORY BOWL was accepted into the Sundays in The City Film Festival.

James’ company Twenty First Films and The Leo Media and Entertainment Group have teamed up to bring his latest feature comedy entitled GRADUATES to the big screen.

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