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Especially Love

Produced by
Tiziana Tozzi Produzione & UK/USA
Roma Via La Spezia 127 00182
P.Iva 10651951005
Written by Maria Montalto
Directed by Carlo Fusco
Starring: Luca Ward

The Project:

What drives a man to leave their land and their roots, even having a good economic position? To answer this question we has to dig in the life of the protagonist, but it is especially important to immerse themselves in a particular context such as that of Italy after the world war II. Gunter Ricci went through two conflicts, has lost a lot but managed to resurface and has rebuilt a life. However, following the violent death of his eldest son, Gunter does not hesitate to leave everything and run away from that nation which both stripped him and with his wife and his teenage daughter moved to America. The first question that is asked by his new employer, is how come a time when Italy seems to emerge from the horrors of World War II, and especially a man whose country is picking up both economic and political, has decided to emigrate, and it has not done before. Gunter responds with four simple words "I lost my son" ... and Gunter is convinced that he lost because of an accident, but he does not know that Lorenzo was only a violent and abusive boy, who was secretly infatuated with the sister and who died because he had discovered the relationship between she and the home gardener, and jealous had attacked him with the intention of killing him. Instead to have had the worst was just Lawrence, but his daughter Vittoria has always hidden him the true. And the truth will only come ten years after Lorenzo's death...


In the Rome of the first 50's, the Ricci family, composed of fifty years old Gunter, his wife Clelia and teenage daughter Vittoria, leads a comfortable life despite the memory alive of the war, which ended only in recent years, and the arrest for murder of Lorenzo, eldest son of Gunter, born from a previous relationship. The rebellious and independent nature of the sixteen Vittoria, is often a cause of debate between her and her mother, a woman superficial and snob, who has always occupied more of the parties and pretty dresses that her own daughter, and who betrays her husband with a man much younger than her. The events fall with the arrival of the new gardener, the attractive 20 years old Leo, to whom Victoria falls madly in love, to the point of planning an escape with him. The return of Lorenzo, released from prison complicates things even more: Lorenzo who’s always been infatuated of the half-sister, is aware of the secret relationship between Victor and Leo and, discovered their escape plan he deals once and for all his romantic rival, but during the scuffle he accidentally dies. Leo runs away frightened, and Victoria is thus forced to say goodbye to his great love. Ten years later we find the Ricci's family transplanted to New York. Gunter in fact, shocked by the death of Lorenzo, decided to change his life and moved to stay with a distant relative. Victoria, now a grown woman, married Franck, business associate of her father, an arrogant and unpleasant man older than her, but she never forgot Leo, and when one day she meets him on the case, the old flame is rekindled, and the woman finally finds the courage to tell Frank her intention to leave. But Frank is not willing to give up his wife, and begins to haunt her, even to threaten to tell Gunter the truth about the death of Lorenzo. Victoria is forced to stay with a man who does not like and say goodbye once again to her true love, but this time she is willing to fight and find her way out…

Status: Development

Looking for: A list UK/USA casting, UK/USA optioning company.


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