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DEAD CAT BOUNCE is being produced by Legaci Pictures ( and is a noir thriller where, as a shadowy killer commits a series of gruesome murders, a more devious and intricate scheme unfolds:

A mysterious serial killer has invaded a seemingly idyllic coastal community, butchering not only beautiful teenage girls, but their whole families! Adam Thomas works in the marina that his older sister, Maddie, runs. Virile and good-looking, Adam enjoys a carefree lifestyle, including the sexual favours of several local beauties. But his carefree existence takes a different turn when the yacht carrying wealthy town-elite Martin and Alexis Deveraux explodes. Martin is killed instantly; Alexis is blown into the water - and Adam saves her life. But was it really an accident?

As a result of his action, Adam becomes a full-blown hero -- is even awarded a medal for his valor by the township. And is honored by a ritzy reception at the swank Deveraux mansion, where he not only receives the warm attention of Alexis, but those of her drop-dead gorgeous 17-year old daughter as well. Things seem to be going Adam’s way, putting him on top of the world. But looks can be deceiving as he suddenly finds himself a pawn in a game of seduction between the beautiful, sexy Alexis and her knockout daughter, Alicia. And from this point, things only go from bad to worse. Adam finds himself the central figure in a dangerous scheme to reap a vast fortune, the Grantby millions - as he is seduced and blackmailed by the mother to kill her daughter - and then by the daughter to kill her mother! But, as we find out, much to our surprise, Adam himself is far from what he appears to be. And murder isn’t really out of the question for him - as long as it’s worth his while - and $100 million dollars makes a perfect inducement. Now, as the mysterious killer continues the horrific murders, the deadly scheme twists, turns and erupts in a firestorm of double-crosses and cold-blooded murders. And, unexpectedly, Adam becomes the chief suspect in the serial killings. Is he the mysterious serial killer? Or is it someone else -- someone close to him? Like his sister, Maddie? Or maybe the stunning, provocative Alexis? Or could it even be the erotic, tantalizing Alicia?

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