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Chuck Kelly

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Chuck Kelly was born in Dallas, Texas, raised in Anadarko, Oklahoma, traveled some and moved to California where he became involved in several areas of the entertainment and writing professions. Chuck played trombone with Ray McKinley, Dizzy Gillespie, and various other bands. He became a group singer and sang with the Modernaires with Paula Kelly (5 years) and other singing groups. When he left the Mods he worked as a studio singer where he did many recordings, television shows, and motion picture sound tracks.

His screenplays include,

“Sammy,” a character study of an African American, who, after he is freed as a slave at the end of the Civil War, wants more than anything to become a cowboy. When he gets a job on a cattle drive heading north—through bizarre circumstances—he gains a reputation as a gunfighter. When the cattle drive reaches Abilene, Kansas, Sammy’s reputation spreads. Sammy meets a beautiful woman named Natasha and falls in love. He tires of all the killing, constantly defending himself as a gunfighter, but feels he must meet one more challenge before he hangs up his guns. In the process of getting even, the person who gave him the job as a cowboy is shot. Sammy feels responsible, and through conflicts with outlaws, roaming gangs and the demented Salter family, Sammy does solve his problems and heads back to Texas to take care of his friend and to raise a family. The 100 page screenplay was adapted from the novel Sammy, published by Synergebooks.

“Easy Money,” a 114 page screenplay about a Washington, DC private detective named Curly Morgan who also moonlights for the CIA. Curly had escorted a lot of women on special assignment for the CIA. When someone started murdering the ladies, Curly began to wonder if he would be next on the hit list. Did the CIA plan to terminate him like they did others that were no longer useful? Curly knew a lot of dirt on important people in high places, and in some cases, Curly was the dirt. He was surprised when a mysterious lady from out of his past hired him to follow her daughter…and became obsessed with him. What really blew Curly away was when he found out who murdered his girlfriends—and what was planned for him. The screenplay was adapted from the novel “Silent Obsession,” published by Synergebooks.

“Ginny Dare” (Billion Dollar Brain), a 105 page screenplay about a cabaret singer and also an undercover agent/assassin who is the chosen recipient of a computer chip that fits into the base of her skull where she can access every part of her brain. With the chip in place she is able to execute phenomenal mental and physical behavior never before experienced on film.

“Legend of Otherland” Trilogy (The three screenplays are listed separately on this website).

Chuck wrote the novelization from the screenplay “Fowl Play” about cockfighting in the Philippines that starred Nancy Kwan. He has had two screenplays optioned. Chuck has interviewed several personalities, including Tex Beneke, Tony Bennett, Sherri Lewis, Henry Mancini, Peter Marshall, Tony Martin, Johnny Mathis, Jaye P. Morgan, David Rose, Kay Starr, Joe Williams, etc.

Chuck was Technical Writer for "The Alchemy of Intelligence" a book on education, Metamorphous Press; Technical Editor for "Pharmacology, Biology, and Clinical Applications of Androgens" for Harbor-UCLA Medical Research Center, Wiley-Liss. He has worked as a technical writer/editor for several aerospace corporations, Boeing, etc.

His education includes a Master's Degree in Communication and Organizational Theory from Sierra University. Chuck is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Memberships and honors include ASCAP, AFTRA, SAG, and Society of Singers Board of Directors, 1986-93. Chuck was listed in “Who’s Who in Entertainment,” “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in the World,” and Rene Laanen’s “Trombone Page of the World.”

Chuck lives in Long Beach, California where he works as a freelance writer and hypnotherapist. He is working on the fourth book for young readers in the “Legend of Otherland” series.

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