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Cristo’s Chronicles

A Trilogy

By Anthony Mirarchi

This new trilogy entitled Cristo’s Chronicles is intended for the adolescent market. It is a fantasy/adventure story of a young boy living during the early Bronze Age. The hero, Cristo, is a very bright, inquisitive, young man who becomes involved in some of the most amazing discoveries of mankind. These are adventure stories in which Cristo shows courage as well as brilliance. All three parts are written with part one going to publication in July, 2007.Part One is called The King’s Challenge. In this segment, Cristo discovers how to build a sundial and with the help of his mentor, Lord Allard, learns how to make a calendar. He is kidnapped by the Lord Boltair, who tries to discover the secrets that Cristo and Allard are working on to present
them as his own work to Duke Nextor. He escapes and is rewarded by King Adolphus.

Part Two, entitled The King’s Spies, explains how Cristo and Allard learn to count from their experience developing the time mechanisms. Cristo helps Allard develop the first symbols representing real numbers. Cristo also invents the first abacus. Duke Nextor has revolted against The King and Cristo has been asked to use his new tools and counting ability to assess the strength of Duke Nextor’s army. Cristo is captured and held hostage. Cristo’s ability to count is the key reason that Adolphus is able to defeat Duke Nextor and save Cristo.

Part Three, The King’s Emissaries, shows Cristo and Allard putting together a writing system. They are able to extend the use of symbols for numbers to sounds then combine them into words. The symbols are written on sheepskin to make the first written words. Cristo is sent to Duke Nextor as a peace emissary to teach the new counting system. The Duke has a nefarious scheme, but he is thwarted by Cristo’s ability to send written messages.


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