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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is the new thriller novel from Michael Sparks, now being turned into a major feature film from the pen of Karyn and Jay Milner.

My name is Calum Grey.

In 2004, I discovered that my father’s untimely death was not the accident my family had been led to believe.
Determined to discover the truth and bring those responsible to justice, I retraced my father’s footsteps and was ultimately led into the murky underworld of Investment Banking.

There, I was to discover a complex web of corruption and deceit so devastatingly powerful that it calls into question the principal forces behind the record market levels achieved in the recent ‘Bull Markets’, potentially shaking the foundations of the Investment Banking world to its very core.

Carpe Diem reconstructs the events leading up to my father’s death, and details the subsequent trail of corruption which I discovered exists. In my pursuit, risks had to be taken, which eventually led to me having to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect those close to me - My own freedom.


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