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Alisa Kaufman


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Eu Quero Um Samba

Haz de luz (primavera)

The Leo Media & Entertainment Group is the authorized agent and promoter of Alisa Kaufman, an incredibly talented singer and guitarist originally from Argentina.

She and her band have recorded and performed a wide range of music, much of it influenced by Brazilian music and jazz. Her repertoire includes both her own original creations as well as those of famous Latin composers such as Djavan, Joyce, and Drexler.

Alisa graduated from the Popular Music School of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, specialising in Jazz Guitar.

In addition to her current performing and recording career she is also presently studying a "Degree of Mastership in the Arts" at the University of Buenos Aires.

As well as having been a teacher of singing, guitar, improvisation and technical music language, she is also a voice professor at Julio Bocca´s Musical Comedy School in Argentina, as well as at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art and at Hugo Midon´s Musical Comedy School.

During the early 90's she headed the jazz duet "Night & Day", with Carlos Wyszengrad at the piano. They presented their shows at such famous clubs and bars such as "Bread & Butter Club", "Finis Terra", "Sedon", and "Café Homero".

She also formed part of the quartet "Jazz Combo" with Aníbal Maidana on the guitar, Hernán Figueroa on bass and José L. Merlo on drums. They performed at the Centro de Arte "La Soga", "Café Brown", "Báez", "El Nuevo Surtidor" and "Roma Theatre of Temperley".

They also performed at the Cultural Center del Arbol and Latin-American Forum of Musical Education).

In 2000 her first CD, VIAJE ("Travel"), was recorded and put on general release. Music from the CD has been played continuously since then at leading music venues such as The Buenos Aires Jazz Club.

Following the release of the album, she was specially invited to sing with the leading artist Nora Sarmoria at various concerts.

She presented a jazz & bossa nova show together with Aníbal Maidana, with whom she also performed at the Borges Cultural Center with Susana Naidich as invited singer.

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