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ALGONQUIN is a feature-length romantic comedy by Edna C. Brown involving a multi-cultural cast. ALGONQUIN inserts the "meet-lose-get-the-girl" into an unexplored environment of white-black-Native American friendship in the South for an uplifting and powerful story.

Cass had promised her dying father she would protect Algonquin, the woods her family has co-owned for generations between two rivers in Virginia. While she edits the rambling autobiography of Creek, a rock celeb, in her New York office, her neighbors back in Virginia eat breakfast to gunshots of hunters trespassing on Algonquin.

As a child, Cass roamed Algonquin with her three best friends, GEORGE MASON, a descendent of a slave, and two Mattaponi Powhatan cousins RANGER and MOLLY PASQUANOKE. Their multi-cultural friendship remains as strong as a blood covenant.

Since she can’t fence in Algonquin, Cass has no other choice but to turn the 100 acres into an official wildlife refuge. When she races South to see what’s holding up the paperwork, she finds out about the Redemption Agreement.

The ancestral agreement with the Kents, the family that jointly owns Algonquin, prohibits Cass from making any legal changes to the property, unless a Hopewell marries a Kent. Even George’s 90-year-old meddling grandmother, didn’t know about the document. But everyone does know that Cass is the only eligible Hopewell for the match, except Creek. He follows Cass to Virginia with more in mind than a spelling and grammar check.

When Michael, a corporate bully, and his grandmother arrive, they too can’t believe the absurdity of the document. It not only calls for a wedding but also proof of consummation.

Michael and Cass verbally punch it out in the ring the first time both families sit down to discuss the agreement. However, over Thanksgiving dinner at Mama Doonie’s, Michael suddenly announces he will honor the Redemption Agreement. Totally caught off guard, Cass takes a deep breath and accepts. "By the way," she asks, "Whom am I marrying………………….?"

Edna C. Brown is a published writer of news, features, short stories, and poetry and also worked in newspaper reporting, book editing, and writing and producing for television and Websites. Her screenplays have been under negotiationg with Hallmark and Paramount. She received a BA in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a MA in communication (Magna Cum Laude) from Regent University. She has also studied the novels of Jane Austen at the University of Oxford, England.


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