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Wiltshire author and screenwriter John Greenwood has a number of scripts completed, several adapted from his own novels. John is a retired lawyer and Recorder who has spent 40 years in the law and knows it inside out- so it is not surprising that several of the projects have a legal theme or include moments culled from his extensive experiences and the many dramatic stories he has encountered through a long and colourful career as advocate and Judge---


A shy, introverted young lawyer is drawn into a web of family intrigue, murder and mayhem when he acts for a seductive farmer’s wife- never dreaming of the consequences of his passionate and blinkered attachment to her---


Two parents are thrown together by circumstance when a child is abducted by his father just before Christmas, leading them on a trail with many twists and turns, before bringing them to realise their feelings for one another


Meeting on a train, a recently retired widower becomes deeply infatuated with a beautiful young student. For a while the heady romance brings a new meaning to his life, before chance decrees that there is always a price to pay--


A Devon farmer down on his luck sells his Farm to developers, breaking his promise to sell to the rich landowner next door, and starting a violent feud between the two families which has far reaching consequences for himself and his young son—


A retired soldier, wounded in Iraq, becomes a Governor at a sink, inner City senior School, where violence, disorder and indiscipline is the norm. Elevated to Chair of the Discipline Committee he strives to introduce ways to improve the school, coming up against the opposition of students and parents along the way, until the desperation of his position prompts him to violence himself---


The amorous adventures of a dashing young Welsh lawyer let loose on family and criminal clients of a West London practice in the mid-80s. Using his devastating attraction for women sometimes selfishly- but sometimes for good- he skates over thin ice with immaculate judgment and not a little luck---


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