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Scars by Jennifer Sims

Short Film / Dance Film / Drama

Screenplay by Jennifer Sims based on her feature film script 'Scriptures'


"Scars" is a unique and provocative short dance film telling the story of four people lost in their desire for human contact and recognition.

We encounter Joana a woman who enjoys using people for her own self righteous reasons. Alex is one of them. We meet Melodie, a young woman disappointed by the comfort her faith can give her. She is exploited by Alex and pushed into betraying him with Duncan. In the end, the story comes full circle when Duncan encounters Joana and gives in to what she is offering.

The film is built around short, well-observed moments revealing each character to be caught up in his or her own world with the strong need to connect but without the means to do so.


The film reflects on our need of being connected with one another, the role of moral and religion and the importance of individual responsibility.

As a dance film 'Scars' combines cinematic means of storytelling with dance and bodily expression to create a unique and poetic visual language. It is is a daring short film, unique in its way of telling a story and non-sentimental in its description of human relations.

"Scars" is a companion piece to Jennifer Sims' feature film project "Scriptures".






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