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Devil Makes Work by David Milburn

Written by David Milburn
Designed by Character Cube Inc.
Starring: Peter Dickson

The Project:

Devil makes work is a 2-d animated TV series aimed at late teenagers and young adults. It is set in Hell and follows the exploits of Stan, a once mild mannered yet lacking in job satisfaction salesman, who is killed and is offered employment by Satan as a Soul Procurement officer. A Soul Procurement officer’s main job is to visit people on Earth and try and get them to sign over their souls for when they die, they must do this in the form of a contract in exchange for basically whatever they want. If you think of Bedazzled (the original with peter Cook and Dudley Moore) mixed with the office, you can get the basic idea.

Stan is the series main protagonist and in the early stages deals with Stan inability to adapt to a life, not only living in Hell, but working for Satan, in environments and situations that mirror real life but that are exaggerated and surrealistic. As a reward to for working for the Devil, Stan is given the chance to live as normal as life as possible, considering he is in Hell. He is placed in Devil Ville a community where the workers of Hell can live out their afterlife and Devil Ville is like any small town you could find in the country, with shopping centres, pubs, transportation links and all the normal commodities that you could find on your own door step. This gives us a chance to mimic everyday society and even current events that may be happening in the real world. It gives the series its link to the audience and allows them to relate to the characters.

As mentioned Stan is the series main character and most of what happens revolves around him, but there is a wealth of characters available to Devil Makes Work. Along side Stan is a number of core characters who will reappear in each episode and who are listed below. There is huge scope however for bringing in all manner of new characters. There are three main areas for the characters to exist in, Heaven, Hell and of course Earth, and the potential is huge. In real life so many people die each day and so this gives us great character fodder, as we can introduce many wacky and fantastic characters as they come into Hell or Heaven. Stan’s work takes him to Earth which of course lends itself to new characters each episode, some who could always return. Another aspect of Devil Makes Work is the ability to spoof celebrities, and one of the key things is that we can use celebrities from the past as well as now.

The possibilities are endless for this series. So many possible story lines and characters mean that the show could have the legs to go for a long time. One of the main things about Devil Makes Work is the fact that we would not have to obey any natural laws, unlike many other animation series. Everything is open to us; from creatures that we thought never existed to talking animals with unique personalities. There is also the option of spoofing movies and movie characters.

Characters Line Up:

Status: Development
Looking for:
Director, Financing.




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